Organizing Against Racism and Hate (Prince George)


IMSS Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) program hosts logo contest won by local 12-year-old Ayame Sivertson

The Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society’s Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) program has hosted a contest to develop a logo for use in the East North Regional Network. This network is comprised of the communities of Prince George, Williams Lake, and 100 Mile House.

The OARH program is funded by EmbraceBC and is charged with helping smaller communities work together to develop better responses to incidents of racism and hate crime. The contest to create a logo looked for images that represented diversity and acceptance, and a total of 5 judges selected 12-year-old Ayame Sivertson’s entry as the best representation of these qualities. Ayame’s logo was selected by 3 community judges for Prince George in February when it won the local portion of the contest, and her logo went up against the other regional winner where it was selected by two members of the Williams Lake Youth Council as the regional winner.

Ayame attends Spruceland Traditional Elementary School, where she takes a Fine Arts class, but says that her inspiration came after meeting her grandmother (local artist Cat Sivertson) when she began to draw “real things, something that I could see”. Ayame says of her logo (an image of two hands forming a heart, through which the world is seen) that she wanted to do something different. She had seen similar images before of people shaking hands but wanted to add her own take on what it means to cooperate. She says that the meaning of her logo is that “you can always cooperate, with anyone in the world”. As soon as it can be implemented, Ayame’s logo will represent the East North Regional OARH network on all promotional material for the duration of the program.

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