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I'm Ley, and I am the OARH coordinator for the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (IMSS) in Prince George. I was going to list my various accolades and qualifications, but I don't think that is important here. The important thing is, I am working on OARH and I want to make sure that whoever is reading this gets the chance to correct any difficulties, injustices, bad experiences or hate that they have experienced, in any way possible. 

Race and ethinicity are visible markers of 'difference' that have been acted upon for hate and discrimination before. So has being gay or perceived as gay. So has being older. Or speaking english as a second language. Or transgressing gender roles. Or supporting one's cultural history. Racism. Sexism. Discrimination. Colonialism. Heteronormativity. This site, and this initiative, deals with all of these things. OARH is about ending racism and hate, across the many different demographic intersections that experience them. 

But there are views that I don't share. The experiences I don't have. So I need the community in Prince George to HELP ME. I am not perfect and I will make mistakes, and when I do I hope that someone, out there, will perhaps have read this and let me know. If someone gives me their views about issues, problems or potential solutions I will be better able to guide the activities of OARH into what is needed for the Prince George community. 

The people affected by Racism and Hate are numerous, and I cannot hope to address all of these things in a year, much as I would like to. So I will be looking in our community for clues as to what would work best as a starting point. 

I will add to this blog  updating whoever might be interested with OARH activities. If you have a question, email me: [email protected] 

So far since I have taken on OARH: I have done administrative work writing funding proposals, budget, corresponding with the network, organizing the resources and creating new ones. If you go to the 'Resources' section of the site you will see some of this activity in the form of site listings around ending racism and discrimination. I have created a Facebook Page and this website, and started a partnership with the IMSS Youth Program. 

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