Organizing Against Racism and Hate (Prince George)


Organizing Against Racism and Hate (OARH) PG is part of an EmbraceBC Initiative to help smaller communities deal with incidents of racism and hate. Explore the site to find resources, links and activities to help you actively work against racism and hate. 

What to Expect: 

WHO WE ARE- A brief history of the OARH program and the goals of its current coordinator 

NEWS- Updates on current project activities. 

GET INVOLVED- A paragraph on the (actual) joys of volunteering. Volunteering is fun and a great way to gain new experiences and knowledge. 

PHOTO GALLERY- Some of these photos are excellent examples of anti-racism campaigns that can give you an idea on smart ways to approach difficult subjects. As we hold events more, this will also include photos taken at those events. 

CONTACT US- In case you don't want to send an email to the coordinator Nazgul Stringer ([email protected]) or message the OARH page on Facebook, this is where you can send inquiries about the program and activities, or anything else on your mind. If you have a question about something we will do our best to answer it, or find someone who can. 

RESOURCES- A list of resources that have been found useful in the OARH program or similar initiatives, and will be the most helpful to you if you are visiting this page from another Anti-racism type organization. Keep in mind that the opinions and sentiments in these resources do not represent OARH's, and many are intended as food for thought. None are intended to be taken without the thoughtful consideration and criticism of the viewer. 

UPCOMING EVENTS- lists any events/activities that OARH is hosting. Events will be posted in their inception, so that users of the site have the opportunity to give suggestions and input. 

IDEAS AND INITIATIVES- this lists the ideas that are being considered for use in the program. The ones listed exceed the amount of ideas that will actually come to fruition, and are intended as a guide for users to see the plans  for the program in coming months and give input into what they think would be the most useful.